Nick Ordzie

    Nick, 30, originally from Southern California and grew up in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Out of all of the members in this band, I am the one with absolutely no musical background. I sang in elementary school choir before puberty, and unfortunately I am still able to hit those pre-pubescent notes. All other singing qualifications I have accrued is from singing in the shower/vehicle and a possible drunken evening in front of a karaoke machine. This has been a dream of mine since I was a youngling. You know how most kids grow up saying I wanna be a fireman….or a Jedi….or a proctologist when I grow up. But I have truly dreamed of being the lead singer in a rock band and it has come true. And I could not have picked a better group of guys to have started this tale with. A couple vocal influences of mine would be John Popper from Blues Traveler, Steven Page from Barenaked Ladies, Jeremy Tippets from Burning Autumn and The Emma Giles Trio, Maynard James Keenan of Tool, and Leslie West of Mountain. I don’t have much cool equipment has my comrades but I use a Shure wireless microphone with a TC Helicon Create XT vocal foot pedal.