Justin Jordan

Justin 29 grew up in Milford NH! A place where the music scene was large and full of talented musicians. Justin emerged a beginner musician by the age of 23 picking up his first guitar and learning his first song! Soon after was brought into a local Cover band to start his musical journey..as a rhythm guitar player! Justin took off from there playing shows all over and gaining a reputation with the locals and soon becoming a known name around the area! After some trials and tribulations with the band, Justin was immediately seeking a new calling and a new chapter to continue his journey in the right direction. enCircle was born! With the help of fellow musicians and friends the group was formed as a 5 member band where we would reveal ourselves as a heavy, high energy full on rock/ metal band! Justin's vision to create a band where we brought everyone into our " circle " and made each and every show a personal experience had come to life! After losing our bass player Justin took it upon himself to fill those shoes to benefit the band and press on! Long time idol and now mentor and friend to Justin is Michael Robert Todd formerly of the band Coheed and Cambria! Who had taken Justin in as his student to teach him the instrument and provide these detailed structured lessons to help Justin along in his musical journey! Now we sit here as enCircle and we continue to deliver the absolute best in music for our fans and we will continue to do that time and time again! Musical influences include Alex Lifeson of Rush, Kirk Hammett of Metallica and Claudio Sanchez and Michael Robert Todd of Coheed and Cambria! Justin uses a Fender American Deluxe Jazz Bass as his main instrument of choice.. But also uses a Schecter Diamond Series Bass as well! Look for Justin's acoustic act as well performing with another band of his own creation! Don't miss enCircle... It's a show you won't wanna miss! We have constructed a very talented line up of musicians that take playing your favorite songs, and bringing them to life! Enjoy and thank you all for your support! God bless!